Write around the murray 2016 calendar

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Read Concrete Playground's take on Write Around the Murray Festival. Concrete Playground; the best guide to bars, restaurants and cafes in Sydney. With poetry slam boot camps and a pizza party featuring sporty storytelling around a campfire.

CALENDAR. MONDAY 17 Soiree Raclette. Update: After this story was published, a University of Miami spokesperson confirmed that Murray will speak on the campus at the end of the month.

"The University of Miami is a dynamic and diverse. 09/09/ – 13/09/ @ All Day – Information about Write Around the Murray events will be available when the program is launched at the beginning of August.

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July Calendar. View the month calendar of July Calendar including week numbers. And see for each day the sunrise and sunset in July Calendar. Write Around the Murray (WAM) is Albury’s boutique festival of reading, writing, illustration and storytelling.

Readers, writers, artists and storytellers gather from across the country to share stories, knowledge and skills as part of a .

Write around the murray 2016 calendar
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Murray, Cantwell sponsor bill to nix mining in Methow Headwaters | Methow Valley News