Write a c program to find the smallest of three numbers and the powerball

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Until the appropriate amount of vulnerable of course!. Write a program to find the smallest of three integers, without using any of the comparison operators.

Let 3 input numbers be x, y and z. Method 1 (Repeated Subtraction) Take a counter variable c and initialize it with 0. In a loop, repeatedly subtract x, y and z by 1 and increment c.

Write a C program to find the smallest of three integers, without using any of the comparision oper. Answer / dinesh b is the smallest number of above three values. I wrote my first program in C++ which reads in three integers and determines which is the smallest number from the group.

However I need some guidance on how to prompt the user and read the three values from the console with a cout print message. Find the smallest amongst 3 numbers in C++ [duplicate] Simple logic problem: Finding largest and smallest number among 3 numbers 5 answers Is there any way to make this function more elegant?

I'm new to C++, I don't know if there is a more standardized way to do this. and I'd also like to see the C++ discussion with templates and meta.

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I just read your post, Truth, Damned Truth, and Statistics, and all I can say is, “ditto.”With your permission, I’d like to reblog it on A Shrink for Men.

I’ve never reposted anyone’s blog before, so this is a first for me. In my class, I've been asked to create a program to compare 3 numbers supplied by the user and state the largest, smallest and middle number.

I've created three variables for the numbers and used an If-Else statement to compare check if A>B AND A>C.

Write a c program to find the smallest of three numbers and the powerball
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C Program to find smallest of 3 numbers