The trial of brutus

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Jerry Brudos

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Why Did Brutus Kill Caesar

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Court had not taken the crown; Duke had not seen out the Senate or set away their power. Mar 27,  · This is our Julius Caesar movie my group made for our English class.

We filmed it at my house and had a lot of fun doing it. Its about when Brutus killed Caesar and Brutus goes on trial. In the.

Marcus Brutus Mock Trial. Source: Written by Margaret Fisher. Staff at the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) edited the lesson.

For more information, contact AOC Court Services, Quince Street SE, PO BoxOlympia, WA Times were hard in Rome, Brutus wanted better for Rome he did what he thought would be what was best for his country.

Honorable Marcus Brutus was protecting Rome from the ambitious Julius Caesar, under the influence of Cassius. Who was a snake himself. Marcus Brutus is an honorable man. Brutus, a Roman nobleman and confidant to Julius Caesar, is a main character in the play.

Although he is a good friend to Caesar, he joins the See full answer below. Julius Caesar: Mock Trial Assignment: The question of whether or not the actions of Brutus (and the other conspirators) were correct is one of the main issues of Julius Caesar.

Even though the play is titled The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus is, in fact, the tragic hero according to most people. Mar 27,  · This is our Julius Caesar movie my group made for our English class.

We filmed it at my house and had a lot of fun doing it. Its about when Brutus killed Caesar and Brutus goes on trial.

The trial of brutus
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