The things they carried narrative point of view

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Point of View and Narrative Distance in The Things They Carried

One of the first questions people ask about The Things They Carried is this: Is it a novel, or a collection of short stories? The title page refers to the book simply as "a work of fiction," defying the conscientious reader's need to categorize this masterpiece.

Tim O'Brien Writing Styles in The Things They Carried

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Lake Tanganyika

What narrative point of view is used in "Speaking of Courage?" What problems does Norman confront when he returns home? What seems to prevent him from dealing with them successfully?

Third person. Everyone from his past is living happily and he keeps thinking about them. O'Brien switches back and forth between narrative voices, making the question about what's real and what isn't even more confusing.

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The things they carried narrative point of view
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The Things They Carried Narrator Point of View