The story of randall adamss crime in the film the thin blue line

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CIS: The 20 greatest classic crime movies of all time

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The "thin blue line" of police officers separating the public from chaos--as the judge, quoting the D.A. in the case, has it--destabilizes in Morriss world and puts people at risk of injustice as often as it. I have often heard people say that "The Thin Blue Line" got an innocent man out of prison.

Yes and no. The movie brought the case to national attention, but it was my investigation – part of which was done with a movie camera – that got Randall Adams out of prison.

The Thin Blue Line is a documentary created by Errol Morris in The film’s premise revolves around Randall Dale Adams, a man who was wrongly convicted of. "Where Men Win Glory, The Odyssey of Pat Tillman, by Jon Krakauer. Incredibly telling story of both one soldier who sacrificed it all.

Anything Jon Krakauer is a good read: Into Thin Air, Into the Wild, Under the Banner of Heaven.". Buy American Crime Story Season 1: Read Movies & TV Reviews -

The story of randall adamss crime in the film the thin blue line
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