The gum chewing rattler writing activity

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The Gum Chewing Rattler

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Research and Activity Ideas The following research and activity ideas are intended to offer suggestions for complementing science and health curricula, to trigger additional ideas for enhancing learning, and to suggest cross-disciplinary projects for library and classroom use.

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Wherever he was, whatever he was doing, he had gum.

The Reading Tub

Even when his teachers told him to spit it out, he had backup bubblegum. There was just one problem: when he forgot to take it out of his shirt, it messed up the laundry! His mom used to get angry, until one day she found him laying on the desert floor next to a rattlesnake with gum on his face.

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The students can’t wait to go to the writing center and play teacher sorting the facts, reading through the books, and writing in their little booklets. One book that really stood out .

The gum chewing rattler writing activity
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