The five stages of culture shock in the movie not without my daughter

Coping with Culture Shock: The Five Stages

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How does the movie Not Without My Daughter, relate to the middle east?

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Jan 12,  · Not Without My Daughter is set a handful of years after the Iranian Revolution, which turned the nation into an Islamic state, prompting a mass exodus of Iranians. Adapted from Betty Mahmoody’s memoir of the same name, the plot pivots on a sinister manipulation: Iranian-American Sayed, better known as “Moody,” convinces his wife to travel with him and his daughter, Mahtob, for a.

This is one of the culture shock stages where you feel a little distance between you and your own culture. Not a big one, but it’s noticable. Not a big one, but it’s noticable.

If you have trouble dealing with one of these culture shock stages then don’t hesitate, but find yourself a counselor/therapist who can guide you through this process.

In the movie "Not Without My Daughter," Sally Field's character is brutally beaten by her Iranian husband, who refuses to let her--or their young daughter--leave Iran.

Another American woman is subjected to the same violent treatment by her Iranian husband. If every Western woman could be forced to see the Sally Field movie, ‘Not Without My Daughter,’ they would NEVER marry a Muslim man. Sadly, history keeps repeating itself. This is the story of Stephanie, a Canadian woman who converted to Islam in her late-teens to marry a Libyan Muslim man.

Oct 16,  · The movie leaves out many dramatic beats that help to understand the story's meaning and moral premise.) NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER is the true story of Betty, an the American-Christian wife of the Americanized and trained Iranian doctor, Sayyed Bozorg Mahmoody, D.O.

(Moody), who was born-in-and raised in a strict Islamic family in Iran. Not Without My Daughter is one woman's experience that has been treated like an ethnography of Iranian and Persian culture, and it should never be treated as such. Betty Mahmoody's account of her time in Iran is not only full of gross factual inaccuracies but also blatant racism and xenophobia that made the reading experience hard to stomach/5.

The five stages of culture shock in the movie not without my daughter
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Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody