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The Rapid Growth of MD/MBA Programs: Are They Worth It? Similarly, unilateral decision making and top-down orders are less valued in the business world than in medi - Despite the growth of MD/MBA programs, the dual degree is still young.

More than half the programs. Making the decision to pursue a dual degree has some short term considerations that will have an immediate impact on the individual.

There are also long-term considerations that need to be accounted for before concluding the dual MD/MBA. Rotman Ivey Schulich; Degrees Offered: MBA Skoll BAsc/MBA dual-degree Pharma-D/MBA combined degree JD/MBA dual-degree Master of Global Affairs/MBA dual-degree.

Dual Degree Programs. (MD/MBA) Name of Degree: Master of Business Administration (2 years) Options/tracks within the degree program: Many; Health Sector Management may be most relevant to Medical Students Some students elect another dual degree (e.g. MBA, MPP, JD, Masters Psychology, MMCi) or full time clinical.

Application. The following instructions are for first-year JD applicants to the entering class. The first-year JD application is also used to apply for dual degree programs.

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