The accomplishments of fidel castro

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Fidel Castro

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Fidel Castro

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Fidel Castro was a Cuban revolutionary leader who served as the Prime Minister and President of Cuba. This biography offers detailed information on his childhood, life, events, works & timeline.

Castro's 'Accomplishments' in Cuba a Load of Nonsense Cuba has a two-tier healthcare system like all communist countries, lags in other indicators, and lacks basic human rights.

Jun 02,  · Best Answer: Joelou is absolutely RIGHT. Fidel Castro has made Cuba one of the safest nations in all of Latin America.

Fidel Castro’s 8 Finest Achievements

- Low murder rate - Low theft rate - Low prostition rate (considering other LA countries) Cuba has one of the best health care systems in all of LA, as well. - Free for all citizens - Status: Resolved. Under Fidel Castro's rule, literacy grew dramatically, racism was eliminated, public health care was repaired and enhanced, the electric grid was expanded to the countryside, full employment was provided, and new medical facilities and schools were constructed.

What are some of Fidel Castro's major accomplishments as a revolutionary? Did Fidel Castro bring any benefits to Cubans during his lifetime?

Fidel Castro’s 8 Finest Achievements

What is Fidel Castro's IQ? Ask New Question. Iniciativa Cubaverdad, Travelling to Cuba and following the news about Cuba for over 20 years. Fidel Castro Net Worth is $ Million.

Fidel Castro is Cuban-born political leader and socialist revolutionary with an estimated net worth of $ million dollars. Fidel Castro served as The First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba for 45 yea.

The accomplishments of fidel castro
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Fidel Castro’s 8 Finest Achievements – THE STATESMAN