Reducing the legal drinking age would negatively impact younger teenagers

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Fact Sheets - Age 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age

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Lower drinking ages can have an impact on later drinking patterns

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Lowering the Legal Drinking Age: An Analysis of the Pros and Cons

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Pros and Cons of Lowering the Drinking Age

Innovations in Marginal Substance Abuse Intervention. Facilitating life for adolescent alcohol problems: This national convention age has been a clear thesis success U. National Institute on Writing Abuse and Chaos. Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to a younger age? U NDERSTAND T HE I SSUES.

U Proponents of lowering the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) from 21 argue that it has not stopped teen drinking, and has instead pushed underage binge drinking into private and less controlled environments, leading to more health and life.

12 The beverage alcohol industry’s social aspects organizations: A public health warning* 1 Osterberg, E. Effects of price and taxation. In Eds. Heather, N., Peters, T.J. & Stockwell, T. International Handbook of alcohol dependence and problems.

Opponents argue that lowering the drinking age will result in more underage binge drinking, that high school students will have easier access to alcohol, and that the Minimum Legal Drinking Age of 21 (MLDA 21) decreases traffic accidents that are caused by alcohol consumption.

Feb 10,  · Lower the Drinking Age to The United States is one of a handful of countries that uses 21 as the minimum legal drinking age. Pretty much the rest of the developed world sets the minimum. Lowering the Legal Drinking Age: An Analysis of the Pros and Cons Background. Since the mid ’s, the legal drinking age in the United States has been set at But during the Vietnam War, in consideration of young people in military service, 29 states lowered the legal drinking age.

3 Pros of Lowering the Drinking Age to 1. Lessens Unsafe Drinking Deeds The most risky age for drinking is between the age of 18 and People acquire their legal rights once they reach the age of 18, apart from drinking.

Reducing the legal drinking age would negatively impact younger teenagers
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Lowering Drinking Age Affects Teen Brain and Death Rate