Pure hybrid stuck in the middle strategies

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The fighting game has been stuck in a rut for the last few years and we wanted to break out with a fresh concept. We mixed in short and long range attacks as well as a great deal of level interaction.

Competitive Strategies and Firm Performance: A Comparative Analysis of Pure, Hybrid and ‘Stuck-in-The-Middle’ Strategies in Spanish Firms Article in British Journal of Management 20(4.

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analysis of the effect caused by pure and hybrid competitive strategies on performance. Finally, the “stuck-in-the-middle” concept has been examined in depth, analysing, too, its implications for performance compared to pure and.

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Pure, hybrid or "stuck-in-the-middle" strategies? A revision and analysis of their effects on firm performance. PERTUSA-ORTEGA, E.; CLAVER-CORTÉS, E.; MOLINA-AZORÍN, J. F EURAM, Paris (France), may

Pure hybrid stuck in the middle strategies
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