Mario lemieux changed the face of canadian hockey

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10 Best Hockey Players of All Time

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Mario Lemieux's brilliant hockey career was interrupted in by injury and illness. Mario Lemieux, hockey player (born at Montréal, 5 Oct ).

Mario Lemieux grew up in Montréal, near the famous Forum, where the Canadiens played until Forty-four months after his last game, on December 27,the Penguins lowered the banner and Lemieux skated onto the ice in Pittsburgh to face the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Mario Lemieux, OC, CQ (English: / ˈ m ær i oʊ l ə ˈ m juː /; French: [maʁjo ləmjø]; born October 5, ) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player and current owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Mario Lemieux (ləmyö´), –, Canadian ice hockey player, b. Montreal. Montreal. A star for the Pittsburgh Penguins, he was the team's first pick in the National Hockey League (NHL) draft and was Rookie of the Year.

The 5 Greatest Hockey Players Ever.

Roundtable: Who is the greatest Penguin -- Sidney Crosby or Mario Lemieux?

Mario Lemieux. Orr changed the game so much so that there is talk about creating a Bobby. MONTREAL — For sale: hockey great Mario Lemieux’s massive room Quebec summer home. The price of the six-year-old chateau-style Mont-Tremblant residence: $21,, the last few dollars an ode to Lemieux’s famous No.

66 jersey.

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