Francisco sionil jose the god

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“The God Stealer” by F. Sionil José Essay Sample

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The God Stealer Essay

The story begins with two officemates Philip Latak (an Ifugao from the Mountain Province now working inManila) and Sam Cristie, an American on the bus to Baguio. Francisco Sionil Jose was born to a poor family in Pangasinan on December Despite hailing from poverty, he is a National Artist for Literature and is one of the most famous Filipino writers, not just locally but also internationally.

Francisco Sionil José’s novels, short stories and non-fiction works highlight the social underpinnings, class struggles and colonial history of Filipino society.

F. Sionil José

"The God Stealer" is a short story by Filipino National Artist F. Sionil José. It is José's most anthologized work of fiction. It is not just a tale about an Ifugao stealing a religious idol, but also about the friendship that developed between a Filipino and an American, a representation of the relationship that developed between the "colonized" and the "colonizer".

The God Stealer (Fransico Sionil Jose) They were the best of friends and that was possible because they worked in the same office and both were young and imbued with a freshness in outlook.

Sam Christie was twenty – eight and his Filipino assistant, Philip Latak, was twenty – six and was – just as Sam had been at the Agency before he.

Francisco sionil jose the god
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Philippine Literature: The God Stealer (Fransico Sionil Jose)