Exploration of the long term effects

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Effect of spaceflight on the human body

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Effect of spaceflight on the human body

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What were the short-term effects of European exploration of Latin America? new land, gold silver and tobacco, thousands of europeans moved to new lands, disease transported and killed all natives.

NASA's Twins Study just hit another major milestone. The long-term investigation of Scott Kelly's health after nearly a year in space shows that the early findings from were valid — with some new insights into possible health issues for future Mars travelers.

Positive and Negative Effects of the Age of Exploration Positive Effects of the Age of Exploration Exchange of Foods/Crops The Age of Exploration brought together Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Read story THE EFFECTS OF EUROPEAN COLONISATION by adamsbazi with 9, reads Impact of European Exploration and colonization on Native People 2. European exploration was the beginning of the end for the native people of the Americas.

The Long-Term Effects of Colonization in the Americas. by Rit Nosotro. What Are The Lasting Effects Of Spanish Colonization On Food? Foods: •Introduced cheese, rice and other foods.

•Spanish colonists combined traditional Spanish and American Indian foods. •Developed rice, beans, tortillas, chicken and beef tacos.

Adult Survivors of Adolescent Bullying: An Exploration of Long Term Effects

Long term effects are more gradual and last longer. For example the short term effects of Europeans in Latin America were the death of millions of Latin Americans and the long term effects were changes in their culutre like language.

Exploration of the long term effects
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NASA - Study of the Impact of Long-Term Space Travel on the Astronauts' Microbiome