An analysis of the relationships in the movie love jones

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On the one hand is the conception of forgiveness that views it mainly as a move made for the well-being of the forgiver. search essay examples. browse by category.

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Reflecting on Love Jones 20 years Later

Company. About Us; Contact;. Straight Shooting Straight Shooting () is an early Western. Considered as a movie, Straight Shooting is not very good: The story is filled with cliched elements. Characterization is poor: the characters have few individual traits, and rarely come alive.


What happens after you fall in love? Is it a guaranteed happy ending? Can love conquer all, despite the personal hang-ups, fears, and dramas that comprise the nature of human relationships? This is the question posed by Love Jones, a film that began as a small indie effort and remains a cult classic 15 years later.

Mar 14,  · Watch video · With Larenz Tate, Nia Long, Isaiah Washington, Lisa Nicole Carson. Darius Lovehall is a young black poet in Chicago who starts dating Nina Mosley, a beautiful and talented photographer.

'Love Jones' 15 years later: How it became a black cult classic

While trying to figure out if they've got a "love thing" or are just "kicking it," they hang out with their friend, talking about love /10(K).

An analysis of the relationships in the movie love jones
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