A study on the disease tetanus

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Study Calls Into Question Primary Justification for Vaccines

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Chapter 16: Tetanus

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Two years’ study of Tetanus cases in a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

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The man ended up dying due to a condition known as tetanus, a potentially deadly bacterial disease that causes lockjaw, trouble swallowing, muscle spasms, and in severe cases, respiratory failure. Cephalic tetanus is the rarest form of the disease (–3% of cases) in a patient research study, the spatula test had a high specificity (zero false-positive test results) and a high sensitivity (94% of infected patients produced a positive test).

FRIDAY, March 25, (HealthDay News) -- Adults can get tetanus and diphtheria vaccine boosters every 30 years instead of the recommended 10 years, a new study suggests. "We have always been told to get a tetanus shot every 10 years, but actually, there is very little data to prove or disprove.

1) For a particular disease at a specific time period, morbidity rates should always be equal or greater than mortality rates.

True 2) Testing the effectiveness of a new drug for anthrax would be best performed as an experimental study. Cephalic tetanus is a rare form of the disease, occasionally occurring with otitis media (ear infections) in which C. tetani is present in the flora of the middle ear, or following injuries to the head.

There is involvement of the cranial nerves, especially in the facial area.

Because tetanus is an uncommon disease, consultation on clinical management may be useful. Importance of Surveillance. Because tetanus is preventable, the possibility of failure to vaccinate should be investigated in every case. Each case should be used as a case study to determine which factors contributed to the failure, and which measures.

A study on the disease tetanus
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