A history of the quarter horse

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History and Mission

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Australian Quarter Horse Association

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Chronological Quarter Horse Association, ; rpt. Epigram was the daughter of Thomas L. Jon and Marywade would like to thank you for visiting our web page. We specialize in the sales and breeding of quality buckskin and dun American Quarter horses in Dewey, Arizona.

QUARTER ecoleducorset-entrenous.com unique American quarter horse has evolved from a quarter-mile racer into the most diversified horse in the world. Although its origin can be traced to the colonial era, the American quarter horse gained a reputation as a faithful mount during the Texas open range era, particularly during cattle drives to northern railroads.

Test your horse-breeding knowledge and see if you can name the first 20 registered American Quarter Horses.

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The 9th volume in this series is loaded with stories of some of the most famous Quarter Horse stallions and mares that ever lived. The list of horses reads like a Who's Who in Quarter Horse history.

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The largest horse in recorded history was probably a Shire horse named Mammoth, who was born in He stood 1 ⁄ 4 hands ( inches, cm) high and his peak weight was estimated at 1, kilograms (3, lb).


A history of the quarter horse
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